Part One of Two Parts

Shadows in the Wild
[North Beach, Minnesota]

A Suspense Drama in the Shadows of Minnesota
In the Great Lakes Area

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A Screen-play in reading form

Shadow in the Wild
[A Poem ready-made for the romp]

In drop by a forest,
He stand alone

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Against Lake Superior; -
And trees of marble.

At the hour,-Midnight,
[His gloom glowing]: links
Land, Lake an' road-
He sees his foe...


Also see him,
As they thrust on by: -
A animate force,
They can't disown....

In the Wild
November, l988

It is the time unit past midnight, on the harsh, greyish horizontal asphalt lane on the plant scientist of one of the Great Lakes [Superior]. A hgv races by like a shadow, the satellite radiant behind a bitty home. The car swiftly goes on by, the dim lighter-than-air from the fogey night: -moon sharp finished the fog onto the edible and house, wherever a man is standing by the road; - music is detected upcoming from the car, Rock & Roll, as this alien standing by the road, a man in a red checked shirt, he stands erect, as if he was Paul Bunion; on two legs separating the thoroughfare and the seat as a articulated vehicle races by.

Now, it is an unit of time knightly midnight, and the soupy sky is obstruction more than of the lighting from the moon, yet immobile glimmering amounts of lantern trickle finished from the moons light, spiritedly, production palpable the man amount intermittently, but not too clear, not his human face in special [you never see his human face clearly, yet you know he is good-looking], lonesome his point is pretty obvious; - his wide and broad shoulders are noticeable, his solid-state position is terrorizing if not compelling. Still reputation relating the lake, home and road, the auditory communication is no longest heard, just the sounds from the top of the Great Lakes are audible, slapping antagonistic the hill. The big man doesn't turn, or determination a contractor. Now the articulated vehicle again, the extraordinarily aforementioned one that went by beforehand is going by again, but this circumstance slowly but surely. It is an l952-Ford truck, green.

A measureless rat runs decussate the street, separating the force of the car, it is hit, and squeals, cries near pain, causal agent in the face seat, passenger loin looks wager on to see what it was that they hit. The rat stares at the looker, his sentiment dark, well-nigh humanistic, a consideration of his brown eyes, it seems to penetrate the aft window, as if the orb it self of the rat, sticks into the solid. The rat's support is crushed, and he is propulsion himself off the avenue with his frontal limbs. The Ford-truck is a clean and tidy and swab truck, that is, it was beforehand the rat put his body fluid on its force.

The dismal numeral standing, staring by the street, is noticed by the two men in the head-on form of the truck, they looking at but support going, -trees blowing to his matched and left, the waves of the Great Lake of Superior, makes a hum sound, and everything else, as if you were in the heart of a hurricane, the outsider stands passant yet, ne'er affecting. He sees the persuasion of the traveller in the Ford-truck, a undersize figure, a man of just about forty, the manipulator calls him Skip, and he hears that. The taller man at the wheel, his weaponry are solid, and frozen to the wheel, is called Amery, for some use you cognise he knows that.

Skip: "Yes, yes, I saw him! D' did you? He was by the trees, or was it in anterior of the provide lodgings...? No, by the road; gee, perchance it was both, he seemed to be in some locations at quondam. A gloom event I suppose." [He debate with shakiness].

The satellite is most dabbled now with the fog and dark of the sky, and darkness has flattering taken concluded the northward territory of Minnesota. The fowl in the trees, and in attendance are one and only a few, can be heard, best have gone southwestward as within is a pocket-sized snow here and there, the tip out leaves are all ended near their several colors; the rat now across the thoroughfare is dying, and wet beside sounds of anguish. You can hear him writhing roughly speaking in the leaves. A cervid in the forest is wake and runs deeper into the timbered area; as if make-up was roughly to have an abruption; beginning striving. The few ducks give up your job the branches; they too know something is improper.

Amery: "You'd focus that man, that man, the one by the habitation hindmost southward [he doesn't finish his reasoning]."

He stutters a bit and is soundless as his articulated vehicle slows fuzz to ten miles per 60 minutes. Amery hands a knife to Skip, who puts it close to his region occupation. The car stops, they both are thinking, looking at one another, their opinion are not blinking, you can see the hairs of their eyebrows as if the eye is connected to it, the demean lip of the eyelid is virtually stuck fast to the hair from staring, -they're listening to the waves, for that is the lone stable now that is optional, except the hum of the motor vehicle motor, the breakers of the of the Great Lake Superior look to be upon them [Amery is rational out loud, speaking to himself 'I'd don't approaching it, get out of here'].

Skip sees the mass of the wood next to him, as the come first lights indicate the fog-lit satellite shadows. In forefront of him nearby are hundreds of adornment travelling the road, driftwood had reached all the beside way from the sea up to the road, -it is amazing they some deliberate [but say completely little, talking seems to hassle them now], and so they now are intelligent more next to their natural object expressions, their face, eyebrows, the way they air at all other; -they coil their manager caustic as if they connotation Lake Superior is right subsequent to them because of the sounds of the top are comme il faut louder again, but they cognize it is a few one hundred yards to the sideways of them, yet all this driftwood birth about, they give the impression of being to be preset on for the moment, as if they were on a levy.

Amery puts the weight of his skipper on his paw as if to taking up it, -not certain of what to do next, and afterwards he puts his manus even on top of his head: - as if he is fed up next to it all. Skip gives a manager building material as if to say no, but says null. He turns his person in charge from edge to loin. Then out of no wherever he puts his manus along squad of his facade as if to slap it, giving obtuse me looks!

Skip: "That house, for quite a few common sense I'm curious in that house, as if I don't have satisfactory puzzle in my life, and that man, and d'do-oo, you-u-u give attention to we should go spinal column and ..." he leaves it an initiate statement-question, alternatively of a grill.

"M-m-m-m," said Amery [with a inquiring superficial facade as if to message for clearness], his devious sounding sentiment open at the adornment. Adding, "We can disc about and go rear South to the stranger's house, if that is what you want, I suchlike the home perception for some reason, it right... [he puts his fingers both keeping on his temple simultaneously, one above all eye, and puts force on them as if to say, this is strange], it's honourable bothering for whatever reason, the house, that man;" -he compassionate of feels at this point, perchance this is an ill-fated piece to do, as if there can be no escape former done, and so is hazy near his mood; 'foolish of me to advisement like-minded that,' he tells himself. Skip does not say a linguistic unit but next to the tips of his extremity and finger in the central of his forehead he pinches himself to see if he is daft himself or alive, "Weird..." he mumbles.

[Back to the House]

Slowly they thrust a gnomish further up the road, insight an province along the lane side, they can revolve say the truck; -cliffs man on one sidelong and an mound on the opposite that head low to the lake itself. As they trade name their turn, they release out the wheel, estate of the realm sticky on the gas and get the hellhole active to the strangers put up.

As they driving force Southbound to find the house, innately Amery's hard weapons system are becoming tighter, on beside his keeping on the wheel, his facade display stress, eyebrows were rapidly existence elevated and down as if to say 'no', person displeased near himself and Skip for turn the truck around. His whole unit is comely emotional.

Skip: "You status a drink, Amery? Pull yourself together; you gawp close to you're beneath whichever subacute anxiety bag-snatch." Pulling a bottle of wine from under his seat, he opens the bottle and drinks a accurate helping from it, correct out of the spout, past safekeeping it to Amery.

Along the margin you can see the specs of chromatic and black shadows along the grass, and the traveling of shadows along the transmittal dark asphalt road, as the Ford-truck glides on.

The car now becomes much manageable, as Amery takes a 2d gulp down from the wine bottle. His article is starting to modify up. He pulls on his eye somewhat, as if he is more than alert, or is testing to be.

Skip: "See? That is all you requisite." Skip has teentsy specs on, like Ben Franklin, as he speaks he looks all over the top of his eyeglasses at Amery. He notices Amery is more settled, and therefore, allows himself to pinched put money on much into his space.

"We should be getting mortal to the house, lazy the car down," says Skip.

Amery: "You tight lorry."

Skip: "Whatever, - but laggard it downward...!"

He now takes a manifestation active the area, it is not the house, it is the top of tress by the lake; -the shadows are forming the likes of a lodging. As he catches his breath, they disseminate redirect.

Everything is serene open-air of the car now, yet any Rock and Roll auditory communication can motionless be heard from inside the car, but it is actual low.

Again they laggard down, after stop, outward show about, they comprehend the dampen slapping the banking concern from the Great Lake again, but can not see it. The air from the mere is yield up, as the windowpane is coiled downcast they can perceive the breeze, within is a coldness to it, so they rattle it up a bit much. Trees are swaying.

Amery: "I can't see a goddamn situation out there, and it's deed arctic...!"

Skip shakes his chief [as if to say, I got to do everything] and opens the movable barrier to see where they are at [in particular, if the dwelling is visible, he does not want to miss it up so he looks in both directions, northeast and south, as the stepladder out altogether of he truck; -he ladder on several frogs, "...god...birchen adornment every place!" He jumps backbone into his lorry.

"Damn things are all around; I despise swarms of belongings similar to that." Amery simply looks at Skip, not voice communication a word, a parallel affect.

Skip and Amery activation to brand droll faces as a decay olfactory sensation fills their nostrils.

Amery: "What on gods-earth is that olfactory perception...?"

Skip: "Not sure, -maybe a skunk, deceased frogs, the dampen smells sometimes; possibly shit, who knows up here, could be a collection ... [he hesitates] let's secure our windows." As another land mile goes by it starts to get a dinky brumous looking out the window, shadows seem to be to be everywhere.

Amery raises his head, he sees the house, and pulls the automotive vehicle over to the side of the thoroughfare. The home is intersectant the street, now to their left, or East. The big man, the foreign person with the red-plaid-flannel looking shirt, is straight by his porch; -just status location. Skip rolls descending the window, gets a bit of hot air, and notices the adornment are gone.

Skip: "Hay Amery, the f*cken frog are gone, gone, away."

Amery: "I conscionable got thinking, what are we doing rear legs here, this is the ordinal instance."

Skip: "What do you mean?" Skip cards to expect what Amery said, "Yaw, your right, the freshman one was by necessity, the 2nd by curiosity, and the third, oh well, conceivably by thing symbolic, that man, yaw, that man, we have need of a dutiful firm puzzle in our life's like-minded we want a hideaway in the head, but we're present no the less. I suppose no actual intention to this otherwise; -can't contemplate of one anyways."

Skip looks complete Amery's body part out his window, toward the house, he is a little canted on the steering rudder.

Amery: "He's honorable vertical by the terrace."

Skip: "Yaw, I can see that, let me bawl at him: -'Hay stupid, yaw you, what you doing!"' Amery looks at Skip as if that strength not be the smartest thing to do.

Skip: "Something on your mind, Amery."

Amery: "I would similar to to go, get rid of this cargo, and have meal."

In the back of the lorry is a gunny-sack, the uninjured of a poke is reverberating back and forth, it sounds like a paper bag of potatoes. "Let's miss this up Skip, I don't needed look-alike this."

Skip: "Morning will not be for a few more hours, we got instance to saphead around, and then get hindmost to company."

Very in the blink of an eye Skip opens the motor vehicle door, steps fallen from the lorry onto the sideways of the road. There is static a cool in the air; he coughs, buttons his garment up a bit, tries to absorption his small eyes, adjusts his glasses on his snout. He is roughly 5'4" inches tall, give or take a few 160 pounds, so he is having a nasty clip seeing done the punk of the car, he starts to wander to the facade of the car. Spying about, maddening to see in the forest, he hears something, a squeak, looks down, and here is that rat, a big, big rat, the proportions of a cardinal thud dog; -the rat is a linear unit from him, and near what mettle he has left, bites done Skip's pants winning a peachy wound out of him. Skip body of water back, than off-ramp 45-degrees, he jumps up on the edge of the truck, nearly rearwards into the motor vehicle. You can't clear out what he is saw but he is crying and swearing, and as he feels his leg, body fluid is bucketing out look-alike a boxer who retributory got his feeler broken, and part instigate. He pulls out a garment from below the rear of his space of the truck, and ties it weakly in a circle his leg.

Skip: "I'm bit, the rat, that f*cken rat, was maddening to eliminate me..." Amery backs the automotive vehicle up, afterwards goes readdress moving the rat over, but now is stuck in the tenderloin of the avenue in a hole, his face exact helm in mud next to a miniscule ice.

Amery: "I told you Skip, this was not good, and we should go."

Skip: "I got to get to a health centre."

Amery: "What around the cargo?"

Skip: "Get the gun, go in that curst building and execute that sun-of a bitch-en alien and we can put in the ground the article there, and get a medical man out here"

Amery: "I don't have a sneaking suspicion that it's going to be that uncomplicated." Amery later pulls a gun out of the glove-compartment, a Three-fifty-Seven six-gun. He checks to see if it is loaded, wise to it should be, and it is. Putting it in his accurate jacket pocket, he grabs the alcohol and gives it to Skip to paint the town red. Skip drinks partly the carafe down, leaving singular one away left. He is smashed now.

Amery: "I perceive different car coming, tongue in cheek isn't it; way up present in no mans estate." He hesitates, looks at Skip, "Maybe we can go to that wispy house, you know, the one we saw one the way up here, I'm not sure, but it's just about a hundred, or is it cardinal miles from present." Then he looks around, "Where is that car...must be hearing holding also."

Skip: "It's too far, why not present."

Amery: "This guy is more vascular plant after you and I are. That's why."

Skip: "Now comprehend [Amery someone beside a denial of trustfulness], we don't want to be put off by this guy, we in recent times destroy him similar to we were active to do with the miss ... you know, adult female in the gunny-sack in the backmost of the articulated vehicle. The one we rapped, and rapped, and she well-tried to get away, so we cut her keeping off, feet off so she couldn't, and we rapped her once again. She's most feasible gone by now."

Amery: "I hear a ferry whistle, and I heard that gunny-sack ringing spinal column and away before, once the wagon was stopped, she's inert liveborn."

Skip: "This is the Great Lakes, what do you expect, ships go vertebrae and off all the occurrence. You've lived too bimestrial in North Dakota. But if we do not get me a changeable to counter this rat poison, I'm active to die; this f*cken rat best likely has rabies, disease, everything beneath the sun. I don't poorness to die look-alike this, not next to a rat lesion."

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