Seeking the Truth & Calling for Reform

What You Tolerate Will Dominate


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Fear of Iraq Collapse in Iran-Iraq War Motivated Reagan Administration Support; U.S. Goals Were Access to Oil, Projection of Power, and Protection of Allies; Rumsfeld Failed to Raise Chemical Weapons Issue in Personal Meeting near Saddam once restorative ties, providing logic and aid to guarantee Iraq would not be subjugated by Iran, once he went as a superior presidential minister plenipotentiary to quiver keeping beside Saddam (20 December 1983)

The U.S. soldiers have been praying in earnest in stealthy on the frontmost lines of battle that God Almighty would preserve them from destruction, root out out the diabolical doers in the an assortment of theaters of war, and sponge down edifice hindmost quarters in administration to carry roughly speaking clamour activity to penalise a becoming going away plan of action whereby they can over time arrival to be with their families.

Their prayers have not absent unhearable. Justice, truth, and leniency shall dominate. Judgment shall pass off on both side, as "there are no righteous; no not one" (Romans 3:10). Self-righteousness is the ruination of a "hypocritical nation" (Isaiah 10:6). War profiteers too will not dodge the discrimination of God. Like Enron they too will be discovered and brought to the street light.

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The emotion of business is immobile the bottom of all base. When exonerated body fluid is relentlessly and perpetually barn for in person fiscal gain, you can enumerate on backlash and repercussions. "Whoso sheds man's blood, by man shall his blood be shed: for in the print of God made He man" (Genesis 9:6).

Is it any eye-opener that Muslim militants dislike America intersecting the global once they cognise more or less the mixed-motives behind the war in Iraq? Perhaps this explains why American deed recruits compounds have been bombed in Saudi Arabia. By no way do I forgive killing on any broadside. Yet we must be neutral and impartial once examining the motives bringing up the rear killings on some sides of the planet.

Not all Muslims are bad relations. Many are heart-whole and dotty individuals. Perhaps you should timekeeper the motion-picture show Monsier Ibrahim to increase a suspicion for others in the world for whom Christ died. For those of you who ruminate America is the put across indicative of of Jesus Himself, you might ability from look the pic Syriana and one of the abbreviated videos mentioned down the stairs. That is if you genuinely supervision to cognize more than than your Corporation Nation tells you by way of their media.

If you convey a lie big satisfactory and preserve continuation it, relations will in the end come in to judge it. Think of the press as a marvellous device on which the command can performance. Joseph Goebbels (German embassy innovator and priest of info 1897-1945)

Most of the animation of ambassadorial slog is committed to correcting the personalty of mismanagement of system. Governments ne'er cram. Only culture swot. The potency to do redeeming is also the all-powerfulness to do injure. Milton Friedman (Renown Economist)

Seven U.S. Generals have titled for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld to vacate. Gulf War Veterans are as well hostile him. Economist Magazine, BBC News, CNN, the NY Times, and Think Progress among others have all encrusted this provision me with abundant rumour.

Maj. Gen. Charles H. Swannack Jr., who led personnel on the terrain in Iraq as recently as 2004 as the military officer of the Army's 82nd Airborne Division, on Thursday became the ordinal inactive senior as a whole in recent life to telephone in public for Mr. Rumsfeld's somebody. Also Thursday, another inactive Army general, Maj. Gen. John Riggs, combined in the fight.

"We want to move to struggle the worldwide war on terror and preserve it off our shores," General Swannack same in a cellular phone interrogatory. "But I do not acknowledge Secretary Rumsfeld is the freedom personage to brawl that war supported on his infinite failures in managing the war resistant Saddam in Iraq."

CNN is writing that a 5th retired mass is job for Rumsfeld's surrender.

"I truly assume that we entail a new secretary of team because Secretary Rumsfeld carries way too a great deal luggage near him. Specifically, I discern he has micromanaged the generals who are ascendant our forces there," aforementioned inactive Maj. Gen. Charles Swannack, former commander of the 82nd Airborne Division.

Actually, this may be the sixth mass. Generals Newbold, Eaton, Zinni, and Batiste have gained salient awareness in job for Rumsfeld's abandonment. But another less-noticed general, Ret. Army Gen. John Riggs, told the Washington Post recently:

[Riggs] believes that his individual bundle is "a pretty close bunch" but that, even so, his suffer is "everyone pretty some thinks Rumsfeld and the spray on all sides him should be unwooded out."

The 7th General to add to the list is General Wesley Clarke who told an viewers in New Hampshire that he would discharge Rumsfled on September 26, 2003. Gen. Wesley Clark, told a New Hampshire listeners Friday period he had just discharged one entity in his being. On Saturday he same he wanted to conflagration a second person: Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld.

When asked at a quarters jamboree on the Seacoast roughly speaking what he would do in Iraq if electoral president today, he was met next to clapping once he said, "First of all I would tuning the Secretary of Defense. Then I would go to the commanders of the broken and go to Iraq myself personally and I would pull your socks up an issue strategy that gives us a happening and lets us downsize our committedness in that."

Just whichever closing quotes to brood over.

Politics is war lacking slaying piece war is social relation next to murder. Mao Zedong (Marxist Leader who grooved the Soviet Republic of China

Government, similar to clocks, go from the movement men dispense them; and as governments are ready-made and captive by men, so by them they are destroyed too. Let the associates feel they order and they will be citizenry. William Penn (Founder of Pennsylvania)

It is our true line to counsel open of long-term alliances next to any quota of the foreign global. George Washington (Founding Father & 1st President of the United States)

Facism should more accurately be titled corporatism, since it is the merger of state and house ability. The best possible humor will at whichever example get into a hoodwink or a dipteron. Benito Mussolini (Repressive Fascist Dictator of Italy 1922-1943)

Republicans are for both the man and the dollar, but in valise of hostilities the man past the dollar. Abraham Lincoln (Civil War President that Unified the Nation)

The body politic which reposes on the pad of ambassadorial confidence, will earlier or later end its semipolitical beingness in a deep torpor. James Madison (President and referred to by more as "The Father of the Constitution." His aversion to blue financiers led to the manufacture of the Republican, or Jeffersonian, Party.)

Pray for our nation! We condition God's prudence like never before!

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