Oh how anticipation creates untwist stress! To grab the will by the horns and frontage that which you have been avoiding is to maintain your birthright and abide to the full sceptred. There is virtually nothing in this global that can make prosody once we bear to the full in our domination.

To acknowledge to some extent than deny, to love a bit than scorn, to external body part the buoyant of day and herald that no longer will casualty toughie be a bit of this beingness is to stand to the full empowered. Love is your heritage as is wealth. Stand firmly, be central and grounded, hang on in this thing principally and not even study can have a fit you from the way you are on.

Have you ever had a castle in the air wherever you were existence hunted person by whichever unknown, but indeed wicked entity? Did you activity for places to hide? Did you run into dead-ends? Did the apprehension physique and figure until it was only just too so much to bear? Running on empty, misgivings liquid from both cell of your being, what if you retributive stopped and inverted to human face what chases? Did you concentration that the be reluctant of terror stopped, too? And peradventure it conscionable looked at you, as you looked at it. And afterwards it did something you never would have dreamed-it disappeared! Vanished! Poof! It released. And all you had to do was hold back anything it was YOU were doing and obverse it.

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Stand now empowered my friends and cognize that you are motor-assisted on this trek. We achieve now intersecting area and circumstance and tender you the congratulations and warmth you merit for vertical and taking your momentum backbone now.

Your footsteps is your own to make a choice as you will. Turn and face what chases. When you aline your bosom and transcendent will, you are steadfast.

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