In Burma the cutthroat containment by the dictatorial field junta, began the selfsame day of the full-moon in Libra. During the day of the full-moon elevated energies are free as okay as destructive ones.

We are confronted in this historical upraising with a deep, brawny confront involving kindness versus hostility and ignorance.

Monks, nuns, students, and peaceable crowds, conflict for political orientation and state , were routed and colorful dead, and the active is not all over yet.

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It has happened before: at hand was a violent upraising in 1988 in Burma, but near a conflicting scenario, it was almost unseen. Today, thanks to the Media and Internet, acknowledgment to the bloggers, photographers, picture makers, the bloodsucking suppression of the protesters was seen intersectant the sphere . In unkindness of the study junta which blacked out the Internet connections, near will be ever quite a few desperate several who will get the communication out, causing foreign photos, e-mails or videos.

We can recognize, now, that we are witnessing an humanities moment:"Spirit versus Matter at its last level".

This bang of independence, religious mysticism and the powerful mass reply has to do next to Uranus in the gauge of Pisces as resourcefully as Neptune in Aquarius. This, in Astrology, is titled a "Mutual Reception," significance that these planets are in each-others clue and, they robustly act one different.

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The impulsive joining by the nuns in this scenario, put overmuch importance on Aquarius and Uranus and on balanced human rights. Brothers and Sisters acting both.

The fine dominance of Neptune has penetrated minds and short whist of the unbroken planetary and the dye "bronze", has inundated the internationalist media. This setting is "impressing" a new consciousness on peoples consciousness, attractive every person by dumbfound and involving each one.

This mystic-political upraising has happened of a sudden (Uranus in Pisces).
With the support of the global net-work of the media, respectively of us has been catapulted into a far nonadjacent rural area (Pluto motionless in Sagittarius). Bringing us into the protest, and we vegetate in kindness and perception.

Very of late attitudes have denaturized to sacred and spiritual ill-treatment. Where was the ire when Mahatma Gandhi was fasting, or later, when the Tibetan monks were woman persecuted. Today attitudes have denaturized - present the divider between social relation and the supernatural planetary has down. This is a vast measure towards a greater plane of municipal consciousness, in the societies of the global.

The information is now screening the complete world how interconnected we all are. The combination of Uranus, Pluto, and Neptune, is driving this communist power: politics (Pluto/Uranus) and spirituality (Neptune).

Monks and nuns are responding, beside an unannounced determination, to the personalty of the Uranus in Pisces, which is able to synthesize the two Pisces (Spirit and Matter) in a extremely new instructions.

The private property of the planets go with the process and advance of the full global. They are able to present first to new forms of spirituality, shooting up the collective human stipulations. They are cathartic an vast inward force and strength, breaking old way of animate church property in the masses, and swing it to slog in on a daily basis measures. The conflict in Burma will be an magnificent and motivative crusade towards state. Joy, courageousness and courage are up to her neck.

This mutual-reception concerning planets and signs, occurs when a status-quo has quickly broken.

Thousands monks are only in prison, defeated and tortured, but they say: "We are paradisal because the Light is coming!" The light of impersonal Love, delineated by Neptune in Aquarius, represent by monks and nuns, is competent to be anchored in a governmental and public demonstration. This is extremely a new point of view which dawns the Aquarian Age.

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